The future of nutrition is Greek

The most specialized, award-winning, multidisciplinary team with 25 years of experience in homeostasis and metabolic rehabilitation, has created the innovative bio functional food, I-M-O-N.

The INNOVATIVE BIOLOGICAL PRODUCT RANGE of I-M-O-N is based on published research and studies, includes nutrition and skin care products with ingredients that have proven health claims, 100% natural.

Research, design and production of suitable bio-functional products, that is foods and beverages containing fortified macro- or micro-nutrients with health claims as defined by European Legislation (EU Decision 2013/63 of 24 January 2013), make the company IMON, unique in its kind. It has the first specialized laboratory for the study and production of bio functional products in Europe with award-winning and internationally recognized products.

I-M-O-N has chosen ΣOUL TAILORΣ as a strategic partner for the promotion of its innovative products in hotels, resorts and selected wellness areas

ΣOUL TAILORΣ, following the philosophy of creating synergies for the development of holistic wellness programs that it develops and supervises in hotels, residential complexes, companies, organizations, insists on its goal to become the leading company in the field of wellness by promoting new Hybrid Wellness Concepts that combine local tradition and history with technology and modern customer needs. Realizing the importance and benefits of genomics, metabolism and epigenetics and their effects on personalized nutrition, I-M-O-N biofunctional products will be the most innovative nutrition proposal of the future.

A Greek company making use of the biodiversity of the Greek land and its history, in these difficult times for humanity is showing the way to a healthier and more sustainable life on our planet.



The General Manager of ΣOUL TAILORΣ, Stavros G. Mavridis, stated:

“We promised to create the wellness models of the future that are based on sustainable practices and improve human health to meet the challenges of the future. We are strengthening the tourism model of our country. We put it into practice and we would like to say a big thank you to I-M-O-N for choosing us as a strategic partner. The future of wellness has a Greek touch.’’