Integrated Technology Solutions

(Afrodite, CRM, POS, health ecosystem platform, online booking)

In addition to the services that SOUL TAILORS have the ability to offer in a wellness area, in the whole range, from point zero to the support during its operation, it also has important “tools” software and hardware, which help the property from the design of the computerization to the fully organized operation of the business.

Afrodite Wellness Management Software

Afrodite is the advanced CRM software proposal, which is adapted to the needs of a modern wellness space. Organization, time saving, resource management and end result, an attractive experience for the visitor who is the best advertisement. It uses dynamic and interactive tools that place the application above its competition. It is a simple to use application, flexible and at the same time fast. It works either online or offline depending on the installation that has been done. There is the possibility for Cloud Hosting The application is Responsive which allows it to work from any device that has a Browser PC, Tablet.

Online booking

The development of Afrodite in the new world of contact with the customer through technology. 24/7 sales through the website, sales channels, Yield Management with the aim of increasing traffic in hours and days that each wellness area wants to promote creates an increase in turnover and strengthens relationships with customers (Loyalty).

  • Compatibility with all smartphones
  • Direct connection to the mobile App ESODOS
  • Connect to Spa software Afrodite
  • Operation 24/7
  • For businesses and end users