Strategic Partners & Partnerships


Collaboration is part of our lives. We firmly believe in synergies and over the years we have developed strong relationships with companies and people from around the world in various areas related to the wellness industry.



The team of Eucrasia, with 25 years of experience in continuous scientific research, created the world’s leading innovative and award winning IMMOT programs which are based on the Hippocratic theory of metabolic regulation using natural means


Innovative Biofunctional products. Develops & produces biofunctional nutrition and skin nourishing products, 100% of natural origin, using and liquidizing scientific clinical results.


Precision skicare, created & mastered by Dr. Yannis Alexandrides MD. Formulas are a reaction to the real-life concerns of his clients. Each product is inspired by clinical treatments at 111 Harley St. Products are infused with high-level actives and are paraben, paraffin, sulphate and cruelty free.



Ariadne Athens is a Greek-born concept of high end skin care products that approaches the science of beauty from a more elaborate vantage point. Our company provides a complete deluxe line of 99% to 100% natural spa products and treatments for face and body. Merging unique bio-actives with natural and rare, organic Mediterranean ingredients, Ariadne Athens aspires to provide the ultimate skin care experience.



V A D E is an Athens based creative studio, designing projects that cross the boundaries between Art and Well-being. Drawing on the visual idioms of desire and mental response, V A D E studio interprets consciousness and forges visions. Vade has introduced an Art & Wellbeing concept, Deep Tracing, Practice the art of surrendering.


In NewAge you will find complete communication solutions designed exclusively to your measures. Creative Strategy, Brand Strategy, Graphic Design, Digital Marketing.


Linens designed with wellness in mind. The only Linens engineered to create a healthier environment for sleep, skin and hair. The patent – pending fabric balances moisture, temperature and friction for greater comfort and care.


Is the leading B2B provider of Dry Salt Therapy (also referred to as Halotherapy) products and services globally. Is built on a mission to help people breath better naturally and to improve respiratory health, hygiene and immunity.


Bryte is the first bed purpose built to actively improve total quality of sleep. We partnered with the world’s most respected sleep scientists to redesign the humble bed into a fully integrated sleep experience, informed by everything we now know about sleep.

Functional Training on Demand™! Aktiv Virtual™guides members with expert level coaching, biometric personalization, and motivation for today’s most popular workouts. Movement coaching delivered via the system’s 24-inch HD display interacts seamlessly with audible guidance by Aktiv master trainers. Select trainers by style and language type.


Now is the time for a shift in well-being. Three Sages is on a mission to use nature to smooth out the daily grind and make healing and transformation accessible where we live, work, play & workout. Three Sages is on a journey to become the leading restorative wellness brand on the planet.



Workshops & master classes enhance Guest experience, Profitability and the Wellness programs for hotel groups, iconic properties, and cosmetic brands. For the past 18 years, Tip Touch International actively serves the Spa & Wellness industry.