«IT IS TIME…»: Nothing is constant except change!

It is time to change our social & business models and be Quantum Leaders as Frederick Chavalit & Chris Laszlo described into their book, Quantum Leadership. The new era that arises with all the challenges and changes in social, economic and environmental level, pushes us to focus on adaptive skills that, changes who the leader is being rather than only what the leader is doing. The goal is to generate positive economic outcomes along with prosperity in the communities, positive social and environmental outcomes. It is time to apply connectedness, through which we will develop critical skills to take immediate actions to address complex realities more effectively. For those people who are into the wellness industry, our humanitarian side should arise in these difficult times to inspire and motivate people in order to reassure them that things will be better but different. We have to activate our coping mechanisms and start to build our self-awareness to find out what is important and what not, by placing a hierarchy in our life who will reflect our state of understanding what the world went through the past months and what is coming. Mental health is crucial in these moments and we, as wellness professionals need to keep up motivating and guiding our colleagues into the wellness industry how to keep learning, developing skills and coping with this unprecedented situation. Daily meditation, exercise with your family, keeping your biological clock steady and going to bed and getting up at the same time, eating healthy and homemade foods to support your microbiome intestinal system, reading different types of books, are the initial guidelines to support our people. Every hotel, organization, company should organize training programs in different modalities in order for the staff to develop their skills and support operations but also to realize that someone is caring of them. At the same time, we have to keep social proximity and physical distancing in order to exchange ideas and best practices to overcome these difficult times and be ready for the «opening day»’. This day may differ from place to place and depends on various reasons. Every organization has its audience, so there is a need to know who your audience is in order to prepare your plan for the opening day. It is time for all of us to dig deeper in our data and start knowing better our customer. When the world will start to travel and go back to normality, people will need more personal touch with safety first and will definitely demanding from us to be aware of what their needs are more than ever. Health & Safety up front. Every brand must keep its integrity by developing more the emotional intelligence into its organization. To implement added value services to every product has into the menu and utilize dynamic pricing. Make all wellness venues accessible to more people and be creative by re-engineering the menus to include services that are acceptable broadly and have updated your health and safety procedures following the WHO guidelines. More natural ingredients, local inspired recipes for treatments – foods – drinks, updated registration forms and disclaimers to include information about any suspicious form of illness, updated procedures pre-&-post treatment to ensure the health and safety of both, the wellness therapist and the guest, develop art programs to combine creativity and mindfulness. It is to time to speed up and apply technology and science broadly into the wellness industry to drive us through the next chapter of wellness where guests will experience sophisticated personalized services and increase life span by combining traditional modalities and medical interventions. It is time to think practical and increase self-responsibility into this new era that arising. Things will never be the same. Better or worse it’s up to us. It is time for change for every and each one of us.